• Welcome to the blog forum against Gender Based Abuse in Sri Lanka.

    This blog recognises the valuable platform that the Women & Media Collective in Sri Lanka created to air the voices of Sri Lankan women and men united against gender based violence (GBV) and abuse during the International 16-day campaign. Their blog campaign bought together the experiences of women from all walks of life to create a harmonious, creative and outspoken voice. This blog hopes to carry forward this spirit by creating a permanent forum for all issues relating to gender based abuse in Sri Lanka.

    We invite you to blog, tweet, upload photos and/or videos, upload podcasts or participate in/organize any events to raise awareness on gender-based abuse.

    You can send personal accounts, opinions, educational posts, statistics, essays, poems, media coverage or photos, and we’ll make sure they are aired. You can post in any language and in any format, as long as you’re raising a voice to discuss gender-based violence or abuse. If you are planning an event, contact us and we will advertise your venture. Mail us on beyond16days@yahoo.com with your contributions and we will feature you on this blog.

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Wife beating justified?

Article published in the Times of India April 25th 2012 57% of boys, 53% of girls think wife beating is justified It’s a shocking revelation in this day and age. Not just Indian men, but even adolescents – in the 15-19 age group – feel that wife beating is justified. Unicef’s ” Global Report Card … Continue reading

I Singe The Body Electric

Thank you Meena for allowing us to republish your article originally published in Outlook India (March 2012)   In that strange coastal town-city where it rains every morning, I partake of pain as if it is prayer. Married to a violent man who treats me with nothing but distrust and suspicion, my skin has seen … Continue reading

Women in Western Music

From the wonderful Cerebral Ramblings who blogs as makuluwo.wordpress.com Women In Western Music 1960s — 2012: The Dehumanization & Fall From Grace Women have come a long, long way since the Women’s Lib first emerged, especially in the West. The general perception these days is that the West – let’s say the US and the … Continue reading

International Women’s Day for me

For me International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the struggle women have had to overcome gender inequality over the centuries. Though gender inequality still remains, just think of how far women have come – we can vote, we can work, in short we are no longer seen as second class citizens. This … Continue reading

It’s OK to hit women?

I came across this article in the Economist, and wondered why half of Sri Lankan women feel that it is sometimes justified for a husband to hit his wife. http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2012/03/daily-chart-6?fsrc=scn/fb/wl/mt/hittingwomen How can this be OK? From Anupama Weerasinge.

Is God a Woman?

I thought I’d share the following short segment of a brand new talk show on MSNBC TV network in the US. It is by Professor Melissa Harris-Perry and runs for two hours on Saturdays. http://video.msnbc.msn.com/melissa-harris-perry/46446890#46446890 It is very interesting to see that the women are challenging the idea of God as masculine, and then goes … Continue reading

my view….

First of all I want to congratulate for your achievements so far, which is getting people together and providing a platform for people to share their thoughts and raising awareness across society of our unfortunate situation. One would hope that this would eventually aid to empower some people to a degree and others to a … Continue reading

Women are not weak

I feel that the perception still remains that simply by being a woman it means you are less. In 2012 a man and a woman must be considered equal. But women must remember they are equal, independent and can overcome any adversity if they want to be considered as such. We must not forget how … Continue reading

A tribute to the Women in our lives!

Having just returned from Sri Lanka after 2 lovely months with friends and family never have I been more aware of the gender stereo typing existing in the little Isle of ours! I once the youngest of a female dominated household have now been trumped by 3 others, our 3 beautiful daughters (between me and … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

I think International Women’s Day is day for each and every one of us, to stand back, and consider the century that has gone by, and think about the many phenomenal women who took a stand against discrimination in the home or workplace, sexual harassment in home or work place, violence against women, equal rights … Continue reading

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